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Saveer Biotech is Commercial Greenhouse manufacturer in Delhi NCR, India.

Innovative Cultivation vertical gardening: Striking a Balance Between Nature and Mankind

Innovative Cultivation vertical gardening: Striking a Balance Between Nature and Mankind

The land covered by vegetation has greatly shrunken down due to the ever-expanding human habitat; especially in the cities. This had led to a number of problems including adverse effects on people’s mental and physical health and pollution.Under these circumstances, resolving to smart ways of growing plants such as vertical gardening has become the need of the hour.

As its name suggests, vertical gardening is a way of growing plants on a vertical surface with the help of suspended panels that are either attached to a wall or are freestanding. This method of growing plants can be used both inside and outside the buildings. The hydroponic system of cultivation makes this possible by helping to grow the plants in a mineral-rich solution instead of soil.

Another innovative way of growing plants is greenhouse cultivation in which the plants are grown under contained conditions while providing the right amount of temperature, light, humidity etc. The place where the plants are cultivated in this manner is called a greenhouse. The greenhouse that cultivates crops to be sold in the market for commercial consumption is known as a commercial greenhouse.

The test site to research and observe conditions required to grow plants such as temperature, light and humidity over the period of a day is called a walk-in environmental chamber. The size and design of these chambers allow the people to walk inside them and make the necessary observations. These chambers are used for plant growth research in a number of fields including biotechnology, pathology and virology among others.

Saveer Biotech is India’s leading science and technology company that is known for providing exceptional vertical garden development services to their clients.They also offer notable greenhouse solutions and facilities for commercial production of vegetables, flowers, fruits and fish nursling. Saveer Biotech is also well-known for providingpre-fabricated walk-in environmental chambers in a range of models.


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