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Saveer Biotech is Commercial Greenhouse manufacturer in Delhi NCR, India.


Plant growth Chamber

Plant growth Chamber

The weakening in the agricultural land and a continuous shifting of people from agriculture sector to other sector has resulted in ecological imbalance. To overcome this problem, the concept of commercial greenhouse was introduced, to motivate people and gardener to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs plants in their own small gardens but the major issue faced during the greenhouse farming that it requires big space. For solving this problematic scenario, Saveer Biotech came up with the idea of walk in environmental chamber, cultivation polyhouse and commercial greenhouse where one can grow quality plants as per the desired climatic conditions in a limited space.

Main motive of a greenhouse is to shield crops from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. Benefits of walk in environment chamber, makes it possible to grow certain types of crops year round, and fruits, tobacco plants, vegetables, and flowers are what a greenhouse most commonly grows. High-altitude countries are where greenhouses are most common; this has to do with concerns related to maintaining a viable food supply. For an instance, Almeria, Spain, is the site of one of the biggest greenhouses on the planet, where it is spread out over 50,000 acres. Saveer Biotech is a leading agricultural solution provider that offers a wide array of products and services such as screenhouses and Cultivation Polyhouse in order to provide its customers best experience in terms of growing quality crops. 

The company have come up with plant growth chamber also that are specialized in growing containerized seedlings may be it for vegetables, fruits and forest plants. This provides scope in order to plan the sowing and harvesting of the crop according to the projected market demand.  We are the only organization in the world which has its own Center of excellence for protected cultivation, doing extensive research to improve crop growing in protected condition - more valid drive, saving water and optimization of human resource. Therefore, if you are looking forward to grow quality crops and looking for best farming solutions then Saveer Biotech is the best choice to make

Address: 1442, Chaudhary Hardhyan Singh Marg, New Delhi, 110003.

E-mail: business@saveer.com

Contact no.: +91-11- 24622889, 24602074

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The process is very complicated and should only be attempted if you are aware of the things needed to pull it off successfully. There are three things you need to have in order to complete the process and they include time, money and space.
Owning a greenhouse doesn't mean you have to pick up and move to Florida when cold wintery conditions seemingly put a stop to your gardening for several months
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